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e of Rome. ● That understates the truth. My face mu▓st have taken on a very strange expression duri▓ng this brisk play of question and answer, fo●r the count now took the initiative, and said: ▓ You are, I can see, surprised that ▓I, as a Conservative and a state o▓fficial, should answer in this way; but ●I hope you do not consider 'co▓nservative

' and 'infamous' synonymo▓us terms.If you do not, you will not

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expect m▓e to approve the régime of Plehve▓.That is not a Conservative régim▓e.It is the régime of hell found▓ed by a devil at the head of the most important ●department.(Here came the speech w●ith which this paper began.) The count then proc●eeded: Do not suppose that Russia ●is of necessity smitten w

ith such serious p▓roblems.These questions are nowhere simpler

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tha●n with us.We have no national problems like ▓those of Prussia, for instance, or of Aust●ria-Hungary, which are complicated by the ●fact that majorities and minori●ties are mixed together almost beyond [Pg ●239]separation.We have even in Poland al●most no national aspir

ations regarding w▓hich we could not come to a peaceable un●de

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